The Brain and the Meaning of Life

Here’s a review (by Iddo Landau) of Paul Thagard’s new book, The Brain and the Meaning of Life by Paul Thagard.

The review begins by explaining the scope of the book (and its relevance to ethics)…

The name of this well-written and ambitious book understates the breadth of its scope. The book deals with the relation of modern neuroscience not only to the meaning of life, but also to ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology.

Landau’s bottom line:

An unorthodox book such as this is bound to arouse many disagreements and controversies; this is part of its power. Both those who agree with Thagard and those who do not are likely to find much interest in the direction he points at and the arguments he presents.

You can buy the book on Amazon, by clicking here: The Brain and the Meaning of Life
(As always, no endorsement is implied.)

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