The Yes Men Fix the World (Documentary)

You’re likely to be hearing about a pair of pranksters known as “The Yes Men” over the next few days, due to one of their recent pranks. So this is probably a good time to point to my review of their film, “The Yes Men Fix the World”. The review concludes as follows:

Bottom line: would I show it in class? Yeah, probably. The film has its funny moments, and the issues it discusses (from the Bhopal disaster to climate change) are important ones. But I’d also use it as an opportunity to point out to my students that the thing they ought to be trying to get out of my Business Ethics course is the ability not just to lament corporate wrongdoing, or to poke fun at it, but to understand the world in which that wrongdoing goes on well enough to allow them to critique it in a way that lends itself to real change.

You can buy the DVD on Amazon, by clicking here: Title Here
(As always, no endorsement is implied.)

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