Why Women Should Rule the World

Here’s a review, by Kerry Clare, of Dee Dee Myers’s 2009 book, Why Women Should Rule the World

The link to the review is here: Book Review: Why Woman Should Rule the World, by Dee Dee Myers

Clare’s bottom line:

Myers is not overtly prescriptive– the general nature of her arguments ensures her book’s relevance is wide. Surely different institutions must find their own way towards solution, by Myers’s book is undeniable impetus for them to do so. I would like to think a man would read this, and find it as fascinating as I did– and not get defensive. That women could cease slinging internecine arrows for a little while, and understand that ganging up on each other is part of a game we don’t have to keep playing. The world can be better.

You can buy the book on Amazon, by clicking here: Why Women Should Rule the World
(As always, no endorsement is implied.)

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