Eating Animals

Here’s a review (by Justin Van Kleeck, writing for of Jonathan Safran Foer’s new book, Book Review: Eating Animals, by Jonathan Safran Foer

[S]imply put, this is the hardest, most difficult, most painful book I have ever read…

But it is also one of the most impressive, most powerful, and most important.

Foer’s researching is meticulous and well-rounded, for he draws upon the sort of sources you might expect–such as reports from animal-rights organizations–but also governmental and non-governmental organizations, personal interviews, and even industry/trade publications. Yet what makes Eating Animals most remarkable is Foer’s crisp, tight prose, his ability to weave the data into a “story” that is at once personal and provocative for readers….

You can buy the book on Amazon, by clicking here: Eating Animals
(As always, no endorsement is implied.)

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